Āyurvedic Bodywork Treatments


This treatment involves a continuous and gentle stream of liquid, usually warmed oil but sometimes milk or coconut water, being poured over the forehead.  Not only is it thoroughly relaxing, but shirodhāra is known to be particularly good treatment for nervous system disorders, insomnia, memory issues, hearing impairments, mental disturbances such as anxiety, sinusitis, and hair loss.  Many who receive this treatment, particularly in a series of four or five treatments, report an enhanced dream state and more ease in achieving deep rest during sleep.

External Basti

Basti is translated as “bladder”.  This treatment is administered by applying a prepared donut shape of dough, usually made of whole wheat flour, over an indicated organ, joint or aggravated area of the body.  The dough “dam” is then filled with an individually specified oil, dependent on the ailment and/or organ being targeted.  The oil is generally maintained as warm and left on the body for 30-40 minutes.  Some examples of areas of the body that a basti may be prescribed for are the thyroid, lungs, heart, kidneys, knees, neck, spine/sacrum, stomach, liver, and eyes.  This treatment is known to be relaxing and rest-inducing, but is employed for a vast variety of indications, dependent on the organ or area which is being targeted.


In a marma therapy session, the client is invited to find genuine release of tension as the practitioner practices polarity holds and gentle stimulation of a selection of specified pressure points on the body.  This treatment is indicated when blockages within these major energy points seems to prevent proper flow of prāṇa, or vital energy, within the body.  Many specific health concerns can also be addressed through the energetic release and relaxation that comes from marma point therapy.

To schedule a treatment or for more information, contact us here.

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