Food as Medicine

It is a widely accepted and applied practice throughout traditional medicine modalities to principally apply food and diet as the most potent way to offer healing and vitality to any person, healthy or sick.  In Āyurveda, digestion is seen as the primary indicator of health as well as the initial site we target for effective, individualized treatment.  Therefore, food is our first line of defense in treating and preventing disease in the physical, and often mental, bodies. 

Beyond an individual’s constitution and current state of health, considerations such as the season, time of day, time of life, combinations of ingredients, how ingredients are prepared, and the environment and company in and with which the food is being consumed are all absolutely necessary to invoke during every meal one ingests. 

Āyurveda, along with many well-known and accepted modalities, understands that every bite of food, and the conditions in which that bite was consumed, is digested, absorbed and assimilated into the very tissues that make up our body.  Ultimately, we become that which we consume.

Roots and Nectar Āyurveda offers a variety of ways to engage in dietary habits that suits the individual more precisely, allowing for a deeper vitality that quickly becomes apparent, and eventually, seamless.

  • Through a series of consultations with questioning and assessment focused on appetite, dietary habits, and digestion
  • Herbal compliments to improve pre-meal appetite, during-meal digestion, and after-meal absorption and assimilation
  • Individualized diet recommendations, from wide-ranging advice about restrictions and incorporations to introduce, to specific meal plans and recipes
  • Meal preparation and cooking services

Schedule a consultation to discuss your questions or goals around diet and food by clicking here.

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