Āyurvedic Yoga Āsana and Prāṇāyāma Instruction

Like all other aspects of Āyurvedic treatment, personalized sequence of body movements, postures, and breathing techniques are paramount to a well rounded Āyurvedic lifestyle. Āsana is the ancient practice of posture, or seat, classically employed for sitting meditation and in more modern times utilized as an exercise to increase or improve strength, flexibility and mobility within the body along with a sense of calm and clarity in the mind.  Prāṇāyāma is discipline or control of the prāṇa, vital energy often understood as breath.  Applying certain breathing manipulation and retention techniques along with subtle movements in the body from a seated posture, this range of breath control practices increases flow and volume of oxygen within the blood and brain, bringing balanced energy and stabilized mood.

Recommendation of specific āsana and/or prāṇāyāma practices to incorporate into current lifestyle, based on individual constitution and current health status or concerns will likely be included in a general Āyurvedic consultation.  We also offer private instruction or group classes for these traditional physical yoga practices from an Āyurvedically individualized and healing perspective.

For more questions about yoga for YOU or to schedule a consultation, click here.

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