Postpartum and Pregnancy Care

Āyurveda has so much to offer in pregnancy and during the postpartum period.  The principal philosophies of this ancient system apply so naturally to the magical and profoundly transformative experiences that come along with the phases of becoming a mother.  Self-care, mindful internalization, meditation on and active application of changes and improvements to be made in your body, home, thoughts, and spirit are all natural and instinctive tendencies that arise for the pregnant woman.  These diet and lifestyle transformations come into play as easeful and productive ways to prepare for the integration of a new life into yours.  From a relationship with Roots and Nectar Āyurveda, a pregnant woman or new mother can expect care like:

  • Prenatal diet, lifestyle, and herbal advice by trimester and individual constitution/experience
  • Postpartum care from an Āyurvedic perspective, which may include:
    • abhyaṅga (whole body oil massage) for mama and baby
    • diet plans, recipes, and cooking for mama 40 days postpartum
    • herbal formulations
    • belly wrapping

It’s also extremely important and valuable to remember mothers and grandmothers of all ages when considering care that women deserve during, and forever after, the potent offering she makes when creating, growing, and raising a human being.  A woman is considered to be in the postpartum period for their entire experience in motherhood.  Most of the treatments offered above, especially abhyaṅga with focus on the womb and pelvic area, will deeply benefit those who have been mothers for years and did not have proper immediate postpartum care and restructuring.  It is much too often in today’s society that women are expected by themselves or others to return to work and daily tasks soon after the birthing process.  This attitude can be hugely detrimental to the hormonal and physical re-balancing a woman requires after undergoing one of the most physically demanding and intense experiences a human being can endure.  Any mother, no matter their age or the age of their children, is welcomed to and encouraged to take advantage of the postpartum and other services offered by us.  It would truly be an honor to serve you in this way.

To schedule an initial conversation about prenatal or postpartum care, or for any questions, write to us here.

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