The importance of uninterrupted WARMTH for mothers immediately postpartum 

In this short article, I will present my understanding of the undeniable and irreplaceable importance of warmth in Āyurvedic postpartum care and WHY, from the perspective of this modality, ALL birthing people need it in the immediate postpartum period.  During the postpartum period, whether following a vaginal or c-section birth, there is a significant amountContinue reading “The importance of uninterrupted WARMTH for mothers immediately postpartum “

6 Practical and Profound ways to work with anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression arise for everyone at some point and to a hugely varied degree. For some, these emotions manifest in response to clear external experiences and situations for a relatively short amount of time, while for others they are a constant struggle that effect every aspect of their life and are not managed easily. Continue reading 6 Practical and Profound ways to work with anxiety and depression

Body oiling (and other practices) during pregnancy, postpartum, and menstruation

For those confused by the many “contraindications” during these phases One of the first things mothers do after receiving the news that they are pregnant, is inquire into all the things they should and should NOT do to maintain a healthy and vibrant body and growing baby. The list of things to avoid during theseContinue reading “Body oiling (and other practices) during pregnancy, postpartum, and menstruation”

Āyurvedic Bodywork Treatments

Shirodhāra This treatment involves a continuous and gentle stream of liquid, usually warmed oil but sometimes milk or coconut water, being poured over the forehead.  Not only is it thoroughly relaxing, but shirodhāra is known to be particularly good treatment for nervous system disorders, insomnia, memory issues, hearing impairments, mental disturbances such as anxiety, sinusitis,Continue reading “Āyurvedic Bodywork Treatments”

Jyotiṣa (Vedic Astrology)

The astrological branch of Vedic studies, or jyotish, is classically known as the study of light.  This ancient science has been used for over 5000 years as a predictive tool to reveal ones karmic impressions, personal predispositions or inclinations, and ultimately to guide along a divine path.  In Āyurveda, practitioners consult this timeless wisdom forContinue reading “Jyotiṣa (Vedic Astrology)”

Āyurvedic Yoga Āsana and Prāṇāyāma Instruction

Like all other aspects of Āyurvedic treatment, personalized sequence of body movements, postures, and breathing techniques are paramount to a well rounded Āyurvedic lifestyle. Āsana is the ancient practice of posture, or seat, classically employed for sitting meditation and in more modern times utilized as an exercise to increase or improve strength, flexibility and mobilityContinue reading “Āyurvedic Yoga Āsana and Prāṇāyāma Instruction”

Āyurvedic Consultation

Because Āyurveda is so grounded in the principles of individualized diagnosis and treatment, taking into account the unique physical constitution, lifestyle, relationships, and motivations for finding healing balance for each person, the variety of possible health concerns that can be addressed is essentially endless. Digestion, hormonal imbalance, sleep, skin conditions, and weight concerns are aContinue reading “Āyurvedic Consultation”