Pregnancy & Birth

“A pregnant woman should be treated very attentively, as if carrying a vessel filled with oil and trying not to agitate.”


Having successfully given birth to my daughter in the comfort of my home and in the private protection of my husband, I am deeply motivated and inspired by the power female bodies hold to create and birth LIFE.

Labor and birth are nothing short of an immense initiation in which the mother deserves total authority and sovereignty. This powerful force of nature is not something to pathologize, medicalize, or hospitalize, it is a sacred opportunity for which the mother has primary control and dominion.

My intention in supporting women through their pregnancies and/or birth, is simply to act as WITNESS. I will hold their intentions in the forefront and protect this design with my unwavering KNOWING and TRUST in the bodily intelligence of mother and baby.

I do not take this honor lightly and am sincerely humbled to witness and serve mothers through the process of building and allowing the emergence of pure life.

My Āyurvedic training and certification as a Holistic Birth Doula with Whapio Diane Bartlett, greatly serve me in serving women during the period of pregnancy and through birth. Āyurveda lends itself to pregnancy by respecting the natural and instinctive tendencies that arise for the pregnant woman through implementing simple diet and lifestyle transformations which become easeful and productive ways to prepare for the integration of a new life into yours.

In our work together through this precious, tender time, a pregnant woman and family can expect:

  • An initial consultation to discuss the desires and needs of the mother and family, and to ensure we are a good match
  • Prenatal diet, lifestyle, and herbal support by trimester and individual constitution/experience
  • 2 educational prenatal visits
  • Support and education throughout pregnancy
  • I will be on call for your birth for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your estimated due date
  • Uninterrupted support and presence throughout labor and birth, as desired
  • Herbal remedies, a postpartum meal and care during the immediate postpartum hours
  • A birth story integration session- I will hold space for you to relive and share the story of your journey through labor and birth and share any perspectives I have

$1200-Payment plans available

“It’s a return to a model of care where the Caregiver has a 100% investment in the family with no allegiance to any system, to any licensing or to any colleagues.”


जय मा

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