Radical trust in our innate capacities to heal

“Āyurveda is a medical science and…an art of daily living that has evolved from practical, philosophical and spiritual illumination, rooted in the understanding of Creation.”

Dr.. Vasant D. Lad, Āyurvedic Physician

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Employing the art of Āyurvedic diagnosis, clinical observation and inquiry, we will work to get to the root cause of imbalance in your health.

For an individualized consultation based on your own goals, whether they be concerned with physical health improvement, motivated by a desire for emotional or mental harmony, or spiritually driven, consider exploring available services or scheduling a consultation to discuss the many ways through which you may find your own innate vitality and balanced path in health.

Madeline Gustafson, Certified Āyurvedic Practitioner

Women’s Health and Postpartum Care

“The woman plays the key role in this ashrama (family structure). Hence the health of the woman should be protected by all means. If the woman is protected, in turn she will protect the whole community.”


The foundation of my passion for women’s health is rooted in the belief that centering of women, and mothers in particular, is the cornerstone of a healthy, vibrant, balanced and thriving society. My work with women in addressing their wellness from a hormonal standpoint, recognizes that the many phases in a woman’s life-such as menarche, pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause- offer the opportunity to establish long-lasting health through addressing existing ailments and prevention of illness into old age.

As a powerful modality of medicine, Āyurveda offers it’s own ancient practices to pursue healing and deep nourishment in the postpartum time, immediately following birth and particularly for the following 40 days. These precious weeks have the potential to ensure optimum hormonal health for the mother for the rest of her life, AND sets the foundation for sincere connection between mother, baby, and family forever.

“Postpartum recovery is a system of diet and lifestyle guidelines to optimize a woman’s recovery and long-term health after childbirth.”


What is Āyurveda?

One of the oldest known systems of medicine in the world, Āyurveda is vast and well-established. This traditional way of living teaches and empowers one to thrive harmoniously with Nature’s rhythms. Āyurveda views each human as a unique and divine individual, coming from their own set of experiences, environments, relationships, and beliefs.

Each living being is comprised of a specific combination of the five universal elements, or states of material existence, making up the bodily, physical constitution (prakriti) with it’s natural state of equilibrium uniquely expressed in each individual. This balance of elemental influences is in a constant dance with the endless flow of experiences, conversations, meals, and lessons presented in each moment of life. Disease, imbalance, and disorder (vikriti) arise within the body and mind when food, experiences, emotions, and sensory input aren’t properly digested and assimilated due to physical, mental and emotional toxins accumulating in the body.

Through practicing Āyurveda in daily life, illness can be prevented from arising and balance can be recovered when the innate state of well-being has been overcome by dis-ease. Roots and Nectar Āyurveda is here to assist in guiding you on your path to sustained health through diverse offerings ranging from custom diet, lifestyle and herbal remedies to deeply therapeutic detoxifying programs and rejuvenating bodywork therapies that meet your unique needs and current phase of life.

जय मा