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Āyurvedic Consultation

Do you have struggles or concerns with digestion, interrupted sleep, skin conditions, or weight? Do you want to feel nourished and pain free? Do you wish you had more energy and mental clarity? Do you want integrated care for a medical condition?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and discouraged due to perceived infertility, or would you just like to prepare your body for pregnancy and birth?

Are your menstrual cycles irregular, painful, producing excessive blood, or nonexistent? Are you emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed around your periods?

Are you desiring support through menopause?

Do you just want to learn more about your cycles and become more in tune with the ever-changing nature of the female body?

In an initial Āyurvedic consultation, we will engage in a conversation about your expectations and goals and employ traditional assessments for diagnosis, such as pulse, tongue, and eye analysis, to address the underlying root cause of the health concern or ailment you are experiencing.

Together we will create a customized healing protocol that addresses each and every part of your unique constitution and current concerns. I will provide recommendations for dietary modifications, daily routine adjustments, contemplative practices, breathing and movement techniques, customized herbal formulas and body therapies to help your system arrive at and maintain a state of vibrant health.

Can be done in-person, online or by phone as needed.
60-90 minutes- sliding scale $60-90

Follow-up Consultations
This is a shorter check-in after the initial consultation to follow progress and adjust or add recommendations or treatment protocols.
30-45 minutes- $30-45

For more information about what to expect from a consultation, read here.

Āyurvedic Bodywork

A relaxing treatment consisting of polarity therapy and head, face and foot marma followed by a continuous flow of warm oil to the third-eye area 90 mins.

External Basti
A reservoir of warm, medicated oil applied over indicated area(s) of the body, accompanied by marma point stimulation 1 hour

Stimulation of a selection of Āyurvedic pressure points combined with polarity therapy to release tension and induce relaxation 1 hour

For more detailed explanation about Shirodhāra, External Basti, and Marma, click here.

6-9 Day Guided At-Home Cleanse

To purify and cleanse the body of accumulated toxins arising from poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle and emotional factors that diminish digestive capacity, I will guide you through a detoxification process that can be done in the comfort of your own home. The recommended protocols are based on ancient Āyurvedic pañchakarma techniques. There will be an initial consultation to establish your unique requirements and provide you with a custom tailored step-by-step home cleanse protocol. Guidelines for your cleanse will include instructions for self-massage, how to make kitchari (the prescribed diet for your cleanse), and specific herbs and remedies to use to enhance your healing process.

$195-includes initial consultation, plus follow-up consultation mid-cleanse, and post-cleanse rejuvenation guidance

Āyurvedic Yoga Āsana and Prāṇāyāma Instruction

After a short conversation, assessment and establishing client’s goals with yoga, the practitioner will create an individualized physical posture and breath control sequence for the client from an Āyurvedic healing perspective, followed by a private instruction practice session.
$75 -initial consultation $50 -1 hour private instruction session

For more information about yoga, click here.

Jyotiṣa (Vedic Astrology)

In Āyurveda, practitioners consult the timeless wisdom of Vedic astrology for hints into an individual’s current physical standing and health, the tendencies the person may have toward certain dis-ease or disorder within the body so that preventative treatments and recommendations may be administered, and remedial actions that can be taken to bring the individual back to their innate path of harmonious physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  Roots and Nectar Āyurveda offers incorporation of this profound resource within Āyurvedic consultations, or as a stand-alone reading within which specific questions or concerns can be addressed.

1 hour personal reading of birth chart with emphasis on client questions.

For more information about Vedic astrology click here.

Teaching and Mentoring

Madeline is available to teach workshops or one-on-one sessions on several subjects within Āyurveda and Vedic sciences. Examples include- basic Āyurvedic concepts, women’s health, digestive processes, organs and systems from an Āyurvedic perspective, Āyurvedic herbalism, medicine making, cooking, how to read a Vedic astrology chart, and more! If you desire a deeper dive into any aspect of Āyurveda, feel free to contact for more information.

Rates dependent upon specific circumstances.

जय मा

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